What does a chemical engineer do in the world of taxes and accounting ?


When a couple of years ago my wife started to get too much work, we were faced with a difficult choice. Shed work, outsource or hire personnel. It became the last and I became the staff. From that moment everything became different.

Accounting work can be learned fairly quickly. It is a matter of correct data processing with advanced software. Such work was not new to me, stronger, I had already designed similar software. After a short training period, I knew it all.


The challenge !


Accounting work requires numerous notes and calculations. Largely they are already ingrained in the standard accounting software. But there are many calculations that just take place in Excel. The problem is only that many of them consist of separate worksheets that are lost or mutilated time after time. This is a minor disaster for accurate file formation.

I saw that there was a challenge there. My programming knowledge enabled me to produce automated products for many of these file applications. For our own use but also for our customers and for college offices. With these products we are able to achieve much better results in much less time.


My products


We have a high degree of automation in our processes, which enables us to work very quickly, accurately and effectively. In addition to our standard advanced accounting software, we use our own products for :

  • UrenregistratieDepreciation
  • Add-on business car
  • Profit sharing between partners
  • VAT / VpB supplementation calculation
  • Box 1/2/3 optimization between partners
  • Small-scale investment allowance
  • Compound VAT calculation catering
  • Compound interest calculations
  • Work costs scheme
  • Time registration
  • Kilometer administration
  • Registration daily cash / pin transactions
  • Billing
  • Calculation of any non-deductible input tax
  • Various calculations regarding car costs


For clients I make a variety of reports from their own administrative and business software. Always custom work. Hence the subtitle under my logo.

Office Performance Engineer



What did this chemical engineer do before in the world? ?


I have had a long career in chemistry, ICT and international sales. Started as a research assistant at a Shell factory in Breda where polystyrene was made. Afterwards, I carried out several ICT projects for business associations and the final career move involved international sales of advanced petrochemical laboratory equipment. In that last position I was a member of ASTM and DIN. Always nice and educational were visits in Africa and India.


The best work involved the presentation of fully equipped petrochemical laboratories for analysis of fuels and lubricants. In that capacity, I traveled to Africa, among other places, for the layout of the labs and training courses for local staff. But I also visited and delivered military laboratories in NATO countries and the Shell / Ferrari Formula 1 lab in Hamburg. Through the DIN membership I had good contacts within the German car world and builders / maintenance services of, among others, wind farms and power plants.


DRC Lubumbashi terrain Presentation at OilDoc, Rosenheim, Germany Tarkwa Container Ghana manganese mine
Terrain Total Oil & Fuel Service Station
With Lucas Wafo from Cameroon

DR Congo
Presentation OilDoc conference
New GC technology

Team installation laboratory
for fuel and oil

Design and installation of
a mobile container lab

Burkina Faso
Ghana Manganese Company
Open mining pit




Get much better results in less time. Then you have time left.